Yelp Hits Flavor Town With Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri has been quite the center of attention these days, huh? While we could discuss Vegas fries, blue adult libations, and full throttling, Yelp NYC’s Ruggy J would rather sit down with the Frosted One as we cook it, love it, and live it in the heart of Flavor Town!

Ruggy: What is the concept of Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar?

Guy: Real food for real people with real big flavor. From sloppy joes to lasagna, I wanted to make a menu of what I like to eat. In the end, I just love food and hot rods… it’s all I think about!

R: How did you link up with the Heartland Brewery guys?

G: I met Jon [owner of HB], and he said okay to everything I asked for. At 16,000 square feet and feeding 2,500 people a day, it was a lot bigger than I imagined… but this $8 million build out is a culinary Disneyland.

R: Who’s your favorite chef in NYC?

G: I think Mario Batali is one of the greatest chefs in the world. He knows more about Italian cuisine than anyone living in Italy.

R: Any east coast inspirations that helped to shape Guy’s?

G: I remember the first restaurant I ever went to in NY was Otto. It was mind blowing, just the way the charcuterie was handled. I remember thinking, “This is the big time!”

R: When not getting down on Donkey Sauce, what are a few spots in NYC you really dig?

G: Tasty Hand-Pulled Noodle. I happened to stumble upon it with Anne Burrell. I was there for four hours pulling noodles and whacking myself in the head with them. I also love Shake Shack, Di Fara, and DeFontes. There’s just a thing about Brooklyn restaurants.

R: Final question: Anthony Bourdain rolls through town and wants you to show him around. Where do you take him?

G: My days consist of coming to work, then going back to my hotel room. I’d rather eat at Fatty Crab every time than risk eating something I might not like.

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